Our Community Service Programs (CSPs) are structured to enable our members to address the needs of our community. These CSPs focus on major issues that affect our community daily and include Arts, Conservation, Education, Home Life, International Outreach and Public Issues. 


The Arts CSP encourages Club members to promote and support arts activities in our Club, local schools and throughout the community. As Pablo Picasso once said, “Every child is an artist, the problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”


Our intent is to inspire Clubwomen, and our goal is to create programs and projects that include music, literature, dance, drama, theatre and other arts-related areas, both traditional and innovative. 


The Conservation CSP is designed for members to gain an appreciation for our environment. We strive to increase awareness of conservation issues, work to preserve, maintain and restore our natural resources, preserve habitats for plants and animals, and participate in endeavors to beautify and sustain the world around us. 


Local partnerships include the West Georgia Chapter of the Native Plant Society and Keep Carroll Beautiful


The Education CSP promotes a commitment to lifelong learning by encouraging our Clubwomen and community members to foster and support educational opportunities right here at home. School supply drives, book collections, teacher appreciation and more bring to life our efforts in local education.


The Home Life CSP focuses on physical and mental health, improving the lives of those in need, financial planning and awareness, hunger and so much more. 


The International Outreach CSP places an emphasis on global topics and provides opportunities to support and contribute to world issues through local efforts.


Our CJWC Scholarship specifically benefits a young woman attending our local university from a country abroad, and initiatives like Operation Christmas Child allow us to extend our reach around the world.  


The goal of the Public Issues CSP is to educate Clubwomen and others about the importance of active citizenship and encourage participation in related activities. We work to educate on community, home and vehicle safety issues and encourage citizen action on these issues, such as voting, changes to driving law, etc.



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